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Faction Files :: Files :: Red Faction: Guerrilla - Software - Tools :: Crinkle's XTBL_CHECKER by ChrisCrinkle
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Author: ChrisCrinkle
Uploader: ChrisCrinkle
Filesize: 1.3MB
Filetype: exe
Added: 10/16/2010
Downloads: 713 (0 In-Game AutoDL)
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Crinkle's XTBL_CHECKER (For Red Faction Guerrilla)

This will check your XTBL files for common errors.

It currently checks:

* <tags> against those given in the <tabledescription> section of an XTBL
* <Flags> to make sure the flag is mentioned in the <tabledescription>
* that the number of < and > symbols on each line matches.

* It currently only works in single-file mode, and outputs to a text document.
* It currently only works by scanning the directory the exe is in.

It may say tags are unknown if notfound in the <tabledescription> some of the tags, even with unedited files are not in the table, but used validly, so this may also need to be added to the filered list.

It does however work very well with files like WEAPONS, SALVAGE, EXPLOSIONS, VEHICLES etc.

Future additions:

* WILL get the program to check any opening <tag> has a closing </tag> as well.
* WILL integrate the good old Unique ID checker into this as well
* WILL make multi-file mode work by selecting multiple files.

* MAY add a directory browser if requested.

Happy Editing

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