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FactionFiles :: Files :: Red Faction - Software - Tools :: Descent Manager Toolkit (VPP Builder, Viewer, etc) by Descent Network Team
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Author: Descent Network Team [Search Author]
Uploader: Goober [View Profile]
File Size: 1.3MB
File Type: exe
Added: 03/15/2010
Downloads: 1990
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This application toolkit includes the VPP Builder for creating new .vpp files, the VPP Viewer for viewing the contents of .vpp files and the VBM Viewer for viewing the .vbm animation files.

The following modules are packaged with the current version of the kit:

Descent Manager VPPBUILDER32
Version 1.0 Beta 02 (Build 06) - Uptodate version
Build, edit and view .VPP files from Summoner and Red Faction.

Descent Manager VPVIEW32 V2.0
Version 2.0 Beta 05 (Build 108) - Uptodate version
Take a look at FreeSpace 1/2, Red Faction and Summoner resource files. - V2.0 Preview Beta

Descent Manager VBMVIEW32
Version 1.0 Beta 01b (Build 02) - Uptodate version
View Summoner/Red Faction *.VBM animation files.

Descent Manager RFLAUNCH32
Version 1.0 Beta 01 (Build 01) - Uptodate version
Easily start levels and MODs from the tool - or directly from Explorer.
Goober · Tue 28 Apr 2015, 14:13 ·
User Rating: 👍 Recommended!  
These tools are very easy to use, and make any type of RF editing way easier.

A must-have set of tools for any mapper or mod developer.
SeeLkaDooM94 · Sat 31 Jan 2015, 10:48 ·
User Rating: 👍 Recommended!  
No matter what antivirus i use, but even malwarebytes detects the Vpp Builder executor file as an infected virus... :/ I dont even know if this is fake or real. But perhaps you guys have to look closely at it. Right now i don't have vpp builder anymore (yet) And you know damn well that i ain't joking.

Admin edit: The file checks clean in all scanners. If you are getting a virus warning then likely there is malware on your computer or network that is interfering with the download. See [url]https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/a4fd209a45b258df3a6fc44ad73ad8fca3539e0df11a1aed399fe9cf9ab129c5/analysis/1422740723/[/url] for the download and [url]https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/6306ad066237aed72601be0909b8af15e1ee5084cc533d201334e65e034b6c52/analysis/1422740913/[/url] for the VPP Builder exe itself.
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