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Faction Files :: Files :: Red Faction I - Run Maps :: DM - Deathrun4 by Cyrus
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Author: Cyrus
Uploader: Faction Files
Filesize: 15.3MB
Filetype: rar
Added: 11/21/2009
Downloads: 1135 (908 PF Auto DL)
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The fourth test for your game experience and skills for Red Faction - Deathrun 4.

After 2.5 years I found the fun back in mapping for Red Faction. Deathrun4 is the same style as other Deathruns. It has no special Theme. Deathrun4 is specialized in \"jumping and hold crouch\" method. This method you must be used in most rooms to finish the map easy. Difficult for the first timers, but when you know how it works, it\'s easy.

New with Deathrun4:
- New Checkpoint-System! You don\'t need restart the server if someone joins
- 6 (7) checkpoints to make it easier and have more fun

Important Information:
Deathru4 is not finished and will be never completely finished. There is no \"big-last-room\" like in the other Deathruns. There is a \"unfinished finish\". But you can be happy if you reached the finish.

Deathrun4 comes with max details for RED, lots of bolts and emitters, sounds and decals. Deathrun4 reached the limits for objects (weapons, events, bolts etc.). I can\'t build more detailed rooms, and I DON\'T want delete anything! Deathrun4 may have problems on slow Computers. Deathrun4 is using custom Sounds and Music, it may not run on a MAC.

More Details about Deathrun4:
181 Bolt Emitters, 972 Brushes, 37 Emitters, 76 Events, 279 Key-frames, 99 Triggers, 8 Re-spawn Points

Don\'t cheat, don\'t kill others, play fair and test your skills together with friends - full multi support. Work together and open checkpoints for your friends. Joining Players can now use the opened checkpoints, too!

I hope you have fun, I wish you good luck.
May we see us online in Red Faction. Keep Mapping.

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