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FactionFiles Website and Discord Rules:
  1. All users must be age 13 or older
  2. No pornographic, illegal, or "warez" content. The Red Faction series is available cheaply from Steam and various other online stores. Don't pirate, just buy it!
  3. Post in the appropriate section/channel, and ensure that your post is on topic.
  4. No flames, personal attacks, or hate speech.
  5. No political talk, opinions, or baiting - FactionFiles isn't the place for that stuff.
  6. The forums are not to be used for the discussion or coordination of clanwars or other such competitive matches - the Discord server has a #pick-up-games channel for this purpose.
  7. No advice/instructions on multiplayer cheating.
  8. If you have been on a receiving end of a moderation decision, do not discuss or criticize that decision in public - privately contact a member of the admin team instead. Public discussion concerning moderation decisions will result in further moderation.
  9. If you have a question pertaining to whether something is allowed, or you wish to report a potential violation of these rules, PM an administrator, or DM them on Discord.
  10. Bottom line: Don't be an asshole.
Thanks for helping make Faction Files the best place for everything Red Faction!

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