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Faction Files :: Projects :: Red Faction Multiplayer Tracker
Red Faction Multiplayer Tracker
You're probably already using the FactionFiles Multiplayer Tracker, but if not, you can follow the steps below to switch to it:

Dash Faction Launcher:

Step 1: Open DashFactionLauncher and hit the "Options" button.

Step 2: Click "Reset" under "Multiplayer Tracker" (it should set it to "rfgt.factionfiles.com"), then hit "OK".

Step 3: Hit "Launch Game".

Pure Faction Launcher:

Step 1: Open PFLauncher and go to the "Game Settings" tab.

Step 2: Change "Tracker" to "rfgt.factionfiles.com" and hit "Save Settings".

Step 3: Go to the "Multiplayer" tab and hit "Launch Game".

Red Faction Launcher:

Step 1: Open the Red Faction Launcher and hit the "Setup" button.

Step 2: Hit to the "Network" tab.

Step 3: Change "Master Server" to "rfgt.factionfiles.com" and hit "OK".

Step 4: Hit the "Exit" button.

Guidelines for the FactionFiles RF1 Multiplayer Tracker

As a general matter, unless it's clearly necessary, we don't actively manage servers on the tracker. This is an approach we've taken since the FactionFiles tracker was launched over a decade ago, and it's one we intend to continue. We don't want to be in the business of policing servers or deciding which servers are displayed to players - that's not our role.

That being said, the below guidelines describe the basic expectations we have of all server hosts who wish to have their servers listed on our tracker. Please note that these guidelines are just that - guidelines. We do not want, nor would it be appropriate for us to actively police servers to ensure strict adherence at all times. As stated above, we have always taken and will continue to take an extremely hands-off approach to this, and will only intervene if absolutely necessary to ensure the tracker continues to effectively serve its purpose.

1. Do not take actions intended to impair the operation of the tracker (ie. attempted DoS attacks, etc.)
2. Do not take actions obviously intended to confuse, mislead, or deceive players (ie. hosting a server with a deliberately similar name to an existing server, idling browsers or fake players to artificially inflate a server's player count, etc.)
3. Do not intentionally report false information about your servers to the tracker (ie. reporting inaccurate player count numbers, configured gametype, etc.)
4. Do not attempt to spam or flood the tracker with a large amount of pointless records (ie. hosting hundreds of password-protected servers that no one can join, etc.)
5. Do not attempt to leverage the tracker to harass anyone or promote intolerance (ie. racial slurs in server names, etc.)

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