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Posted: December 6, 2017, 16:15 Post #18
It has been a few months and I want to update everyone on this subject. Basically I have been using this addon since the very first release and even after several months, it works great. I have not ran into any problems. I do not use pastel orange as my console color anymore.

Instead, I use: con_color 0 0 64 187

this makes the console look more like the same color as dash faction's.

In addition, this should be common sense, but I have not seen it mentioned anywhere. In order for this Addon to work, it is required to have Pure Faction 3.0d Update 1 already installed first. (www.purefaction.org)
Edited by shark5678 at December 6, 2017, 16:19

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Posted: December 31, 2017, 6:43 Post #19
I've had this update lying around for awhile.

I recommend servers run this; so any spectators as well as 2.0n users can see the accuracy of other players update in real time.

New Update: Pure Faction Addon 2.0n BETA 3



When run as a server, players with rcon can type '.sv_geo_limit' to set geo limit; and anyone can type '.sv_geo_limit ?' to see geo limit
When run as a server, player statistics are broadcast every three seconds
Type command acc to see player accuracy
Print player accuracy in the console, when the game ends
Spinning player finally fixed
Fixed: F12 binding votes yes
Edited by 2kool4skool at December 31, 2017, 6:54

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