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Faction Files :: Files :: Red Faction - Mods - Total Conversion :: [SP] The Curse of Orion v0.3b by MartianMadman
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Author: MartianMadman [Search Author]
Uploader: MartianMadman [View Profile]
File Size: 97.8MB
File Type: 7z
Added: 09/03/2021
Downloads: 10
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Welcome to The Curse of Orion, an ironically bad RF1 single player campaign mod that involves Parker killing hundreds of Orions with heavily modded weapons. This campaign contains 14 action packed levels all filled with Orions to blast. Development of this mod was started on 4/28/2021. This mod may still be subject to change, updates, and bug fixes which is why it is version 0.3b as of now. I made this mod mainly as a joke on my hatred for Orion and it shouldn't be taken seriously, I am fully aware of just how mediocre the level design is and I don't need to be told that it is bad. I should also note that this mod features instant weapon swapping so it is recommended to play with each individual weapon binded to separate keys on the keyboard.

The plot of The Curse of Orion is that a very powerful supernatural entity known as the Evil Orion has stolen Parker's soul instead of weapons and sent him to a nightmare world of Orions. Parker now must find and destroy the Evil Orion to take back his soul.

\v0.3b info/
Just some more polishing touchups to the mod.

\v0.3b changelog/
-Reduced the overall mod file size by converting the music to mono and 32000hz.
-Fixed grenades getting stuck to walls bug.
-Reduced the max bullet projectile speed of all weapons to 99. Removes this weird enemy hitscan like behavior that starts when bullet projectile speed is at or above 100.
-Adjusted the explosion and bloodsplat particle effects to look a lot better while also being slightly more performance efficient.
-Most weapons can be fired underwater now. Sounds for the machine gun don't work underwater for some reason.
-The APC isn't immune to most gun fire anymore.
-Lava is now lethal everywhere, not just only in select areas of level 7.
-Increased player jumping height to 2 meters.
-Changed the music used in level 8.
-Increased projectile speed of the grenades and remote charges.
-Made more adjustments to the positioning of the 1st person weapons.
-Made some changes to the ingame text strings. I guess I did this to make the "plot" more clear and concise.
-Removed the custom angle crosshair because I prefer the original RF1 crosshair now.
-Added more portaling to level 8 and 2.
-Increased movement speed while crouching.
-Increased volume of ingame sound effects.
-Added jumpads to levels 2 and 8 to make them more fun to play. The center of the jumpads give more boost than the edges.
-Made some minor changes to the brush work and lightmapping of a few levels.
-Added quake grenade bounce sounds because why not.
-Changed the starting music of the level 14 simply because it took up fairly less storage space.
-Remade the main menu background to look even more laughably worse.
-Remade the thumbnail to look even more laughably worse.
-Remade the main menu vbm to have antialiasing.

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