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Faction Files :: Files :: Red Faction I - Mods - Total Conversion :: [SP/MP] RF Improved Weaponry v1.2 by De-AngryBoi
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Author: De-AngryBoi
Uploader: De-AngryBoi
Filesize: 4.2MB
Filetype: 7z
Added: 06/20/2020
Downloads: 41 (0 In-Game AutoDL)
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This is a weapons overhaul mod that strives to make RF's combat feel more professionally developed.
Important! You'll need the latest version of dash which as of releasing this mod is not on FF. The audio will behave like crap on dash v1.4.1.
Download latest dash version (as of now) from the following link. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/568219398263930881/711262355115212891/DashFaction-1.5.0-rc1-setup.exe
\Changelog v1.0/
(-Increased muzzle flash range.) (-Increased light radius emited from projectiles like rocket & fusion launcher as well as lasers and such.) (-Added light emission to Capek's cane projectiles.) (-Reduced bullet spread so difficulty relies more on skill than RNG.) (-Added better gun firing sfx to non-explosive weapons.) (-Increased amplitude of all explosion sfx.) (-All bullets now ricochet off metal surfaces.) (-Added camera shake to non-explosive weapons to make shooting feel more impactful.) (-Added louder & higher quality alarm sfx.) (-Removed player to npc biases meaning all ai have the same amount of bullet spread as player and deal almost the same amount of damage to player as the player would deal to them.) (-Increased difficulty by a lot to give the proper difficulty for pc game with mouse & keyboard. Not the watered down difficulty for the PS2 controllers.) (-Increased max ammo to 998-999 for all carried weapons.) (-Increased shotgun shots per round to 8 instead of the previous 4.)
\Changelog v1.1(Unreleased) /
(-Increased max distance at which npc's will try to fire at the player or another npc.) (-Added light emission to tankbot, drone, fighter, and torpedo rockets.) (-increased the velocity of explosive projectiles.) (-increased distance remote charges and grenades can be thrown) (-added muzzle flash lighting to fighter and APC.)
\Changelog v1.11/
(-added a dot reticule)
(-increased muzzle flash size)
\Changelog v1.2/
(-reduced excessive bullet ricocheting.) (-added better sniper rifle firing sfx.)
De-AngryBoi · Fri 26 Jun 2020, 0:38 ·
It seems the archive got merged with the previous version. I'm gonna upload a properly archived version.
Cyrus · Thu 25 Jun 2020, 14:08 ·
User Rating: 5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5  
I'm not sure why there are 2 .vpp files included. RF_IW.vpp and Bullshit.vpp. I suppose the Bullshit.vpp is the right one, because of bigger filesize and more recent date. Please correct me if i'm wrong.
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