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Faction Files :: Files :: Red Faction I - Developer Resources :: Black Mesa Tram by Spikeyuk
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Author: Spikeyuk
Uploader: Spikeyuk
Filesize: 4.5MB
Filetype: zip
Added: 09/14/2019
Downloads: 73 (0 In-Game AutoDL)
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Half-Life Tram from Black Mesa

Thank you for downloading my Black Mesa Tram modelled after the Black Mesa Tram from the Source engine. If you have never played Black Mesa, check it out on Steam. Black Mesa is a recreation of Half-Life within the up-to-date source engine made by Crowbar Collective.
I modelled the Tram from scratch in the Red Faction Level Editor.

Things to know
- Textures
The whole Tram should be textured and the textures I have provided in the RAR file. These need to go in User_Maps\Textures folder.
There maybe a few textures that are misaligned. I did try my best to correct them, but I was worried incase they bugged out with the texture glitch. Feel free to try and fix it, but I would not recommended due to how many faces there is on surfaces.

- Outer Tram Wall Glitch / Hole
I am aware that there is a little hole on the outside of the tram on one of the sides. I could not fix this. You may get away with it being there if you are only going to have the player come out of one side of the tram and does not see the other side with the hole. I did try my best to fix it but it was proving difficult to do so. I can only apologize for that.

- No rail connectors?
I did not add in any rail connectors. You can put these in yourself how you see fit for the Tram. The idea is the tram can be both suspended from above or below, or even both as illustrated in Black Mesa.

- Windows
I added windows to the tram but I did not fuse them to it. There was a reason for this.
1) If I did, it would make some faces disappear and see-through.
2) If the clip trick does not work for transparent textures on movers, then you can remove the windows or texture them with an effect texture which would be invisible and the player will not be able to get out of the tram.

- Doors
The doors are seperate from the tram incase you wish to make them open up. They have no fused windows incase of the texture glitch not working.

The tram was tested in Single Player mode only. I did not test this in Multi. I can confirm though that the tram is at the correct size for Single Player and the player can walk between the seats without any issues. I would not know for Multiplayer.

Thank you for downloading! Looking forward to seeing what people use this tram for :)
- Spikey

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