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Faction Files :: Files :: Red Faction I - Patches & Demo Versions :: Pure Faction Gold Update 1.0c v2 by S
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Author: S
Uploader: youfailed
Filesize: 30MB
Filetype: exe
Added: 07/08/2019
Downloads: 29 (0 PF Auto DL)
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== Pure Faction Gold Update 1.0c v2 ==

Gold Update brings many new features to Pure Faction, which is a very old, outdated patch.

Note: Gold Update does not require Pure Faction to be installed.

* v2 improves bouncing at high fps, and improves mover_velocity_transfer_collide_only.

== WHAT'S NEW ==
* Windows 10 May Update fix
* Mipmapping for images larger than 256x256
* Toggle hud with cvar r_hud
* Dynamic vertex cache
* Fix for map filename collisions
* 24 day bug fix
* Weapons stay ammo fix
* Fix for browsers interfering with team allocation
* Enable flamethrower damage on dedicated servers
* Require physical contact for mover velocity transfer with cvar mover_velocity_transfer_collide_only; useful for run maps
* Shuffle the server's map rotation before each cycle with cvar sv_shuffle_map_rotation
* Automate server messages with cvar sv_auto_say
* Support for run servers with cvar sv_run_mode
* Better hit registration with the additional checking of mesh collisions
* Support for DEP
* Extra chat commands; i.e., map_about, leading_players, and netstats
* Public rcon commands for anybody to use; i.e., help, findmap, choosemap, rotation_info, rotation_next_info, player_stats, and uptime
* statsme changed
* Various other changes

* Max fps changed to 1020
* Change console color
* Swap primary fire controls for assault rifle and shotgun
* New player sound
* Query multiple server trackers
* Render fix for first-person gun in widescreen
* Download maps automatically without user confirmation
* Join servers automatically after downloading a map
* A more accurate net meter
* F.lux support
* Timing bug fixes; e.g., amp timer
* Allow console in limbo state
* Console height is a percentage of resolution
* Servers sort by player count
* Disabled camera shake for weapons
* Made camera shake if enabled much less intense, and locked to 60hz
* Made camera shake dampening fps independent
* F12 votes yes
* Escape returns to the server list instead of the main menu
* Fix jump pads for high fps
* Fix the landing sound of other players for high fps
* Faster map downloader
* Chat box retains transparency
* Improved tab auto-completion; shift + tab returns previous cvar
* Multiplayer chat is yellow in console
* Change sound and music volume with cvars sound_volume and music_volume
* Color multiplayer chat aqua with cvar mp_chat_aqua
* Print map information with cvar map_about
* Change gamma with cvar r_gamma
* Print whom is spawned with cvar whoisplaying
* Window mode starts maximized
* Window mode supports resize, maximize, and close
* Mouse stays in window for window mode
* When run as a server, player statistics are broadcast every 3 seconds; useful for clients using spectate mode or cvar acc
* Type cvar acc to print player accuracy; requires a server running GOLD UPDATE
* Print player accuracy in the console, when the game ends; requires a server running GOLD UPDATE
* Fix for other players occasionally spinning
* Force HOR+ widescreen for exclusive fullscreen with cvar r_widescreen_force; useful if exclusive fullscreen is stretched
* Enable higher process priority with cvar prior; useful if you have bloated applications running in the background (Default: On)

* drop_clutter - Drop clutter
* drop_item - Drop an item
* drop_entity - Drop an entity
* r_fov - Set your fov (45-90)
* r_widescreen - Enable HOR+ widescreen
* mp_hitsounds - Play hitsounds in multiplayer; requires server to have hitsounds
* sp_hitsounds - Play hitsounds in singleplayer
* sv_hitsounds - Send hitsounds to players
* input_linear_pitch - Enable linear pitch
* r_fps_override - Override maximum FPS; clients only
* con_color - Set console color
* input_swap_shotgun_controls - Swap shotgun controls
* input_swap_assault_rifle_controls - Swap assault rifle controls
* notify_new_player_sound - Play a new player sound
* notify_minimized_new_player_sound - Play a new player sound, even if the game is minimized
* nw_query_multiple_trackers - Query rf.thqmultiplay.net for servers, in addition to the current tracker
* fpgun_widescreen - Render fix for the first-person gun in widescreen mode
* map_automatic_download - Download maps without user confirmation
* map_join_after_download - Join a server, after a map is downloaded
* r_flux - F.lux support
* map_about - About the map
* sound_volume - Set sound volume
* music_volume - Set music volume
* mp_chat_aqua - Color multiplayer chat aqua
* look_reset - Reset look direction
* sv_weapons_stay - Enable weapons stay
* r_gamma - Set gamma
* whoisplaying - Print whom is playing
* sens - Set mouse sensitivity
* acc - Print player accuracy
* mp_limbo_print_accuracies - Print accuracies at the end of the game
* r_widescreen_force - Force HOR+ widescreen for exclusive fullscreen
* prior - Enable higher process priority
* camera_shake - Enable camera shake
* sv_run_mode - Disable killing for run servers; resets between application sessions
* sv_auto_say - Configure an automated message
* uptime - Print uptime
* sv_baton_infinite_reload - Infinite baton reloads
* mover_velocity_transfer_collide_only - Require physical contact for mover velocity transfer
* r_hud - Render hud
* sv_shuffle_map_rotation - Shuffle the server's map rotation before each cycle

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