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Faction Files :: Files :: Red Faction: Guerrilla - Mod Manager Compatible Mods :: Catch a Ride v1.0 - Re-Mars-tered & Classic by Tachys
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Author: Tachys
Uploader: Tachys
Filesize: 24.9MB
Filetype: zip
Added: 01/19/2019
Downloads: 84 (0 PF Auto DL)
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Go. Anywhere. High speed handling. Fly. Almost.

Turns the ATV into a sort of super catch a ride (Borderlands).

Modifies the Armed & Unarmed ATV to launch, and climb nearly anything.

the handbrake (Spacebar) to stop.
the handbrake (Spacebar) to auto-target enemies.
the throttle very lightly to keep your speed reasonable.
left & right steering to roll left, or right while in mid-air.

1/2 of all in-game turrets are available!
All turrets are auto-targeting! Just point the ATV as close as possible; the auto-targeting cone is ~15 degrees.
Arc Welder, Satellite RPG, Thermobaric, Artillery & Heavy Tanks, Reconstructor, Rockets, Blue Rockets, Walker Rockets, Nano Rifle, Enforcer, Gauss, Harpoon, and Proxy Mine Layer!
Vastly improved hitpoints for the ATV.

Known issues:
2 vehicle spawn zones nonfunctional at safe house.
Sometimes the ATV rolls forward against the brake for a few seconds after slowing down. Use the handbrake, or exit the vehicle.
Pits still kill you. Invisible barriers still a nuisance. Radiation zone still harms.

To Install:
Mod Manager Compatible. Both the 'classic' and 'Re-Mars-tered' editions are included in the download. You can simply drop the extracted folders into the 'mods' directory of either RFG Classic, or Re-Mars-tered. Since Mod Manager is compatible with both, just activate the version of this mod that corresponds to the game you are playing within Mod Manager.

Mod Manager for RFG 'classic' can be downloaded from here:


Mod Manager for RFG 'Re-Mars-tered' can be downloaded from here:


This steam article discusses some of the problems, and solutions people ran into using the 'classic' mods on the 'Re-Mars-tered' version:


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