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Faction Files :: Files :: Red Faction I - Patches & Demo Versions :: Pure Faction GOLD UPDATE 1.0b [Unofficial] BETA by S
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Author: S
Uploader: 2kool4skool
Filesize: 1.6MB
Filetype: zip
Added: 04/23/2018
Downloads: 195 (0 PF Auto DL)
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Pure Faction GOLD UPDATE 1.0b [Unofficial] BETA

== 1.0b CHANGES ==

* Weapon camera shake is disabled by default. (Reason: camera shake varies depending on FPS, and looks really bad due to being poorly made).
* Fixed loading screen freeze on Windows 7 etc.
* Fixed fast multi option of PF Launcher causing a crash

As reviewed by shark5678,—

Quoting shark5678
This review [. . .] reiterates some of what is already in the description. The patch does everything it claims to do and a lot of

players are already using it. 5/5

One of the main features of this Add-on is the Windows 10 fix. There are new features that are on by default and you can use a console

command to turn them on/off. I think changing the assault rifle's alt-fire to the primary fire button is a good option and it is on by default.

If the user does not like this feature they can turn it off by using input_swap_assault_rifle_controls. I do not use the shotgun version of

this command so I turned it off with input_swap_shotgun_controls

After [. . .] [enabling Show Net Meter in F1 options], on the left part of my screen appeared a new net-meter and a FPS counter.

This new net-meter is more aesthetic than Pure Faction's default and is more accurate. [. . .] You can use the FPS counter to troubleshoot your

frames per second (FPS). Use the console command r_fps_override to change the FPS limit. It is important to mention that you can no longer

use Pure Faction's F1 options menu Frame limit. You need to use r_fps_override

[. . .] During testing, no high FPS bugs were found using values at 240 or higher. If you are uncertain with what FPS to use I highly recommend

r_fps_override 240 since most RF players' computers can take full advantage of it on all default maps and some custom.

con_color 100 70 28 197 is used to change the console color to Pastel Orange. (100, 70, and 28 are RGB values and the 197 modifies

transparency). You can replace these values to get different colors. con_color -1 returns it to the default.

[Pure Faction Gold Update] also features:

-When you first start PF and load the server list, it retrieves servers from both the FactionFiles/Pure Faction tracker and the rolph

tracker formerly known as the Default tracker.

-True widescreen mode.

-Servers always arranged by player count and when you leave a server it takes you back to the server list. (Default RF takes you to the main


-If you run this as a server, the amp timer is always supposed to be correct.

-"New Player" sound is played when RF is minimized.

-F.lux support: If you install F.lux, you can play RF with flux running. This Addon ensures that flux always loads when the game is launched, does

not turn off RF's gamma/brightness (in RF options), and has a console command r_flux to toggle it on/off. This is one of the coolest

features I have seen in a RF client.

f.lux is a cross-platform computer program that adjusts a display's color temperature according to location and time of day. The program was

designed to reduce eye strain during night-time use and reduce disruption of sleep patterns. This program has similar purpose and functionality to

Apple's Night Shift and Microsofts Night light. Website: www.justgetflux.com

-If you type in a command and a question mark after it, it will reveal the current setting so if you type in con_color ? into the console,

then it will feed you back "con_color is 0 150 255 200" (or whatever RGB color you set your console color to).

Tip: Type help into the console to see a list of all commands. Page up and Page down buttons will reveal all of them. When you enter a

command it will tell you if it is on or not. Press the END button to exit scroll mode in console.

Pure Faction Gold Update 1.0b BETA Unofficial by S


Windows 10 support
Override maximum fps up to 1020
Change console color
Swap controls for assault rifle and shotgun
New player sound on player join
Query multiple server trackers
Fix first person gun in widescreen
Auto-download maps automatically without a message box
Join servers automatically after auto-downloading
New neter meter which is more accurate
F.lux support
Timing bug fixes, e.g. amp timer
Allow console in limbo state
Bigger console
Servers sort by player count on default
Weapon camera shake disabled by default
Camera shake when enabled is much less intense and locked to 60hz
Camera shake dampening made FPS independent
F12 binding votes yes
Escape returns to the server list instead of the main menu
High fps jump pad fix
High fps jumping/landing sounds fix
New lightweight auto-downloader which has improved download speed
Chat box always has transparency
Improved tab auto-completion; shift + tab returns previous command
Multiplayer chat is colored yellow in console
Change sound and music volume levels with commands vol_sound and vol_music
Color multiplayer chat aqua with command mp_chat_aqua
Print map information with command map_about
Change gamma with command r_gamma
See who is spawned with command whoisplaying
Window mode starts maximized
Window mode supports resize, maximize, and close
Mouse stays in window when playing
When run as a server, rcon holders can type '.sv_weapons_stay' to toggle weapons stay; and players can type '.sv_weapons_stay ?' to see status
When run as a server, player statistics are broadcast every 3 seconds
Type command acc to see player accuracy [in supported servers]
See player accuracy in the console, when the game ends [in supported servers]
Spinning player fix
Force widescreen with command r_widescreen_force (when exclusive fullscreen has black borders)
Enable high process priority with command prior (when you have bloated applications running in the background)


drop_clutter - Drop clutter
drop_item - Drop an item
drop_entity - Drop an entity
r_fov - Set your fov (45-90)
r_widescreen - Enable HOR+ widescreen
mp_hitsounds - Play hitsounds in multiplayer, when a server has hitsounds enabled
sp_hitsounds - Play hitsounds in singleplayer
sv_hitsounds - Send hitsounds to players
game_pitch_correction - Enable pitch correction
r_fps_override - Override maximum fps (client only)
con_color - Set console color
input_swap_shotgun_controls - Swap shotgun controls
input_swap_assault_rifle_controls - Swap assault rifle controls
sound_notify_on_new_player_not_minimized - Play a new player sound, when the game is not minimized
sound_notify_on_new_player_minimized - Play a new player sound, when the game is minimized
nw_server_list_multiple_trackers - Query rf.thqmultiplay.net for servers, in addition to the current tracker
fpgun_offset_widescreen - Fix fpgun in widescreen mode
map_auto_download - Automatic map downloading
map_join_after_downloading - Join after downloading a map
r_flux - F.lux support
map_about - About the map
vol_sound - Set sound volume
vol_music - Set music volume
mp_chat_aqua - Color multiplayer chat aqua
look_reset - Reset look direction
sv_weapons_stay - Weapons stay
r_gamma - Set gamma
whoisplaying - Show who is playing
sens - Set mouse sensitivity
acc - Print player accuracy
mp_end_game_print_accuracy - Print player accuracy, when the game ends
r_widescreen_force - Force HOR+ widescreen in exclusive fullscreen
prior - High process priority
camera_shake - Weapon camera shake

Big thanks to heat for helping with testing.

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