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Faction Files :: Files :: Red Faction I - Patches & Demo Versions :: Dash Faction 1.3.0 by rafalh
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Author: rafalh
Uploader: rafalh
Filesize: 3.6MB
Filetype: zip
Added: 05/07/2019
Downloads: 5841 (0 PF Auto DL)
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This is not the latest version of Dash Faction! Version 1.4.1 is available here: Dash Faction 1.4.1


Installation instructions:
Installing Dash Faction with a Steam, GoG, or Discord copy of Red Faction
Installing Dash Faction with a physical (retail) copy of Red Faction

Dash Faction is Red Faction game modification designed to fix original game bugs, improve compatibility with modern
hardware and software, extend functionality and improve graphics quality and engine performance.

- Levels Auto-Downloader (uses factionfiles.com just like Pure Faction)
- Spectate Mode
- wide-screen support
- windowed and stretched display mode
- better graphics quality (anti-aliasing, true-color textures, anisotropic filtering, higher scanner view resolution, disabled LOD models and more)
- improved security (enabled Data Execution Prevention, multiple Buffer Overflows fixes)
- removed limit of packfiles
- improved Scoreboard with Kills/Deaths column
- information about killer's weapon in chat
- option to disable level ambient sounds
- ui.vpp cheats prevention
- multiple fixes for high FPS (it is currently limited to 240), especially fix for well-known sub exploding bug
- country-specific edition support (properly handles game directory structure for German and French edition)
- improved game performance
- other usability and stability fixes

Changes in version 1.3.0:
- improved support for large textures
- FPS limit increased to 240
- added option to enable linear mouse movement (eliminate up/down mouse movement slowdown)
- mod selector in game launcher
- increased resolution of monitors and mirrors
- screen-shake emulated FPS increased to 150 to match PF default FPS
- fixed invalid player entity model when undercover (RF bug)
- open server list menu instead of main menu when leaving multiplayer game (affects level download too)
- server list improvements
- multiple rendering optimizations
- added option to skip cutscenes in single player
- added command to enable RF debugging features in single player
- other stability and security fixes

See CHANGELOG for details.
shark5678 · Sun 27 Aug 2017, 14:45 ·
User Rating: 5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5  

I am reviewing version 1.2.1 which can be found on https://rafalh.tk/

I'll write up a superior review later. I will start with the negatives and then write about the positives.

You need to make it so that if the client has weapon show disabled then the weapon view is disabled in spectate mode. I don't know if you fixed it yet, but the flag blocks half the screen when a player picks it up in spectate mode. It has a feature called "Show Enemy Bullets" forced on and needs a console command to disable this, therefore making it an optional feature. This has some type of error when using the mouse sensitivity command. Type in ms 0.032 and it feeds you back 0.030. For some reason the console reports back a rounded version of your sensitivity. Another error is that the invuln and amp pick up icons aren't centered. (Use RF Add-on 1.1 and pick up amp and invuln to see the difference). The scoreboard is worse than the default. You need to build a new scoreboard and have an "alternatve scoreboard" feature or console command. This lacks a "lazyban" feature. You should be able to type in console, "kick" or "ban" and a list of letters will appear next to each player name. To kick someone you just type in kick a or ban a. You set the default FPS to 60 in the launcher. This is awful. RF's default is 120. It needs more optimizations because I still get more stable FPS on PF. There is a bug where if you die with x gun and x gun is the first weapon you pick up on your next spawn, it uses the autoswitch feature. Dash's window mode is junk.

This patch has a match mode error. Dash clients can still skip reload. Just make it so Dash clients can't skip reload in any mode.

The above mentioned criticisms are meant to be helpful. I am thankful Dash Faction was released otherwise I wouldn't be able to play RF. I think PF is overall a better patch, but Dash Faction is great because it lets me play on Windows 10. There are a few things this patch does better than Pure Faction:

-No requirement to install any Dash Faction files in RF directory. All I did was make a folder on my desktop called "Dash Faction" and put all the files in their then made a shortcut for the .exe

-This has a command for the assault rifle that forces the alt fire to function as a primary fire and the primary fire to function as the alt fire. This feature is essential for me to play RF now and the game is unplayable without it. It is a lot less painful on my hands. Type the following into console: swap_assault_rifle_controls

-This puts the majority of the bonus options in the launcher itself. Important because when we're about to play a match, a lot of RF players will sit around in PF's F1 Menu adjusting their settings (waste everyones time).

-I am no expert on this, but the wide screen fix on this is superior to Pure Faction's.
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