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Posted: June 2, 2014, 8:40 Post #1
A mapper working on an upcoming map had some neat effects that ran at the start of the map. Unfortunately they played at the very start so if you didn't spawn immediately you never saw them. I made a test level to show how to get around this by making them play only once you actually spawn, and figured it was worth making a tutorial.

"Why can't I just do it like we used to do join-late doors for run maps?" Because then it would only work for the first person to spawn.

Prerequisite knowledge: how RF's event system works, how to make a keyframe trick

The steps are simple. I'm just going to list them, give a picture, and then the test RFL download.

1) Create a solo trigger that covers the entire spawn area. "resets after * times" and "resets after * seconds" don't matter. Just remember to tick the solo checkbox in the bottom right. If you don't have a solo checkbox then you need to start using REDPF
2) Make a keyframe trick and link the solo trigger to the first keyframe of said trick.
3) Place a Slay_Object and some random clutter object. I use the "phone" object because seriously fuck phones
4) Link the "output" of the keyframe trick to the Slay_Object, and the Slay_Object itself to the phone, or whatever clutter you've chosen.
5) Place a When_Dead and link it to the clutter. Don't touch the settings.
6) Link the When_Dead to whatever effect you want to run upon the player spawning. Keyframes, music, particle stuff, whatever
7) Test and enjoy
8) There is no step 8

Here's a picture of the events in case you have some trouble understanding how they're linked:
Posted Image

And here's a working RFL that demonstrates the technique. The sound and mover will not run until you spawn. Try testing in a dedicated server, rejoin, ask your friends to try it, they will all work as they should.
[Download RFL]

If you use this technique, stick a link to factionfiles.com in your map's readme. Other than that, do as you wish and have fun!

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