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Faction Files :: Files :: Red Faction I - Maps - Capture the Flag :: CTF - S t a t i o n X by =EotW= Diamond & Dimaru
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Author: =EotW= Diamond & Dimaru
Uploader: Goober
Filesize: 3MB
Filetype: zip
Added: 02/04/2020
Downloads: 39 (5 PF Auto DL)
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Ok, so this is the first RELEASED level, from the collaboration of =EotW= Diamond, and Dimaru, aka Owen Thomas and Mark Perera.

This level is the first of it's kind for us, you see we built big, breaking all
the rules to see what this engine is capable of. The geomod parts are a little shaky,
but I hope you all will like what we've done.

There will probably be a second release of this map with no geo at all in
the near future but I'm afraid I have exams soon, so it will be a few weeeks.

This level is dedicated to all those who help out on the RF forums, and
to the hardcore gamers, that don't cheat, have fun and enjoy the company
of other gamers. Thank you all for the cool times.

So, Station X.........

Scientists decided that one way to explore the universe would be to jump on
to an asteroid as it approaches mars, and to build a space staion into the rock.
This exploratory staion is the setting for the CTF map. :)

Being an asteroid, the gravity on the outside is low, meaning you could jump higher...
It may also freak out large projectiles such as rockets.

Inside the base, gravity must be generated, but being such a dificult thing to control
The Gravitron room is an essential entity, placed directly in the centre of the base.

Suction pods will take you up onto the surface if you can find the switches.

And somewhere there is a stargate like warp portal that will get you to the
other side of the asteroid in record time!!

Oh and one last thing, the all seeing eye will be watching any camping snipers!
you have been warned..........

Rules we broke, and new things we found......

Maximum texture sizes don't apply.
Nor do the maximum ratios.

You will notice we have ignored many of the limits. This was to prove that they
are not written into the code. The only warning is that if they are broken, then
may find that there are strange things happening in the game, if the level
still runs that is!!!
The difficulties we had though were few, and very minor.

We have had a good go at panning the textures in this as well.
There was one version which seemed to work well, without the need for a geomod to
trigger the movement, however we've been unable to repeat it and are at a loss to
explain how it happened, other than fluke!!

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